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Is the official name of the place/location where the church/ministry may assembly for worship and fellowship, it is the Headquarters for the organization.  There may be more than one designated Headquarters for the organization depending on the Jurisdictions.  The Illinois Love District is the North West Jurisdictional Headquarters in the United States of America.  We are a non-profit religious church and ministry organization. 


Oasis Worship Center is the spiritual designated watering hole in dry lands and countries for people who thirst after the righteousness of God.  It is a place where people are welcome to come together as one united body in Christ and give Him adoration, praise, and worship in spirit and truth.  


Regular Worship Services, Special Conferences, Women’s Fellowship, District Fellowship Meetings, Spring and National Convocation and The Leadership Training Academy are held at the Oasis Worship Center.  The specific meeting locations and designated times of services and events are available on this website. Oasis Worship Center is open to the public, we are a multi-cultural diverse church/ministry, everyone is welcome to attend our local church assembly. 


Our Mission is, “To bring UNITY to the Body of Christ.”  We are a church without walls, a ministry with a global perspective.  Equipping today’s leaders to become future generals.  To further develop spiritual growth and maturity within the body of Christ as a whole.  To provide leadership training and ministerial support, to those who serve in the broad spectrum of Christian ministries, internationally and globally. 

We are excited about what God is doing in Oasis Worship Center in Illinois Love District; the church/ministry is rapidly growing under the leadership of Apostle Loretta Williams.  We sincerely hope that you prayerfully consider membership and pledged your commitment and loyalty to our church/ministry.  It’s important that each person recognizes and is willing to submit themselves to the spiritual mentorship and pastor that God has designated for each individual and that you be led by the Holy Spirit.


Should you have further questions, please contact Apostle Loretta Williams during business hours at: 773.683.5540 Monday - Friday